Ticks survive on the blood of other animals – mammals, reptiles, birds, and even humans.  These species of arachnids are known to have four stages in their life cycle – egg, larva, nymph, and adult stages.  The adult ticks are usually found atop grass and other brush, where they wait to bite an unsuspecting host.  The result of such bites includes mild nuisance to severe medical symptoms.

Tick bites are potentially dangerous, so it is important that you keep them out of your home and away from your pets.


Signs and Symptoms of Ticks’ Presence

You will hardly detect the presence of a tick, except when attached to a pet or a person.  Before the attachment, you will most likely find them in warm, moist areas where they feed.  Tick bites in human are common around the armpit, along hairlines, and the groin.  For pets, they can be found anywhere, but more common around the armpits, tails, toes, and ears.

Focus Areas

So far they are not attached to a host, you will most likely find ticks outdoors.  So, your focus during treatment should be your yard, your pets, and yourself.  Outdoor treatments can be done by using a plant-friendly outdoor pesticide to spray your whole yard, including the shrubbery, bushes, and tree bases.  You can keep your pets safe by spraying them with a pet-friendly repellant whenever they are exposed to areas where are more likely to be present – tall grass or in the woods. You can also prevent tick bites by spraying your pet and yourself before and after all outdoor activities.

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