With over 80 million years of existence, mosquitoes are sure not new to anyone.  With the aid of their straw-like mouthparts, these small biting insects feed on the blood of animals.  So, no mammal, bird, fish, or reptile is safe from mosquito bites.  Although the bites are relatively harmless, the aftermath is usually serious.  Mosquitoes are known to transmit a host of diseases and parasites, thus making them the most dangerous animal in the world.  Every year, mosquitoes remain the biggest killer out there, causing more deaths than all of humans, bears, tigers, wolves, lions, snakes, and sharks combined.

The presence of mosquitoes can make outdoor activities impossible, and they make your backyard inhabitable.  However, with the tips below, you can conveniently detect the presence of mosquitoes and save yourself and others from their bites, or make the environment inhabitable for them.

Signs and Symptoms of Mosquitoes’ Presence

Mosquitoes do not usually hide; they are known to be on the offensive.  So it is quite easy to detect their presence.  However, you can watch out for the following signs;

  • Bites – when you see a red rash or puffy bumps on your body, usually with a red dot at the center, you definitely have company.
  • The buzzing sound of mosquitoes is another way of identifying them.
  • Their larvae, which usually appears like a tiny hairy brown worm on small stagnant water bodies, is another way of detecting their presence.

Focus Areas

The bulk of the problem lies outdoors, although you may have a couple of these flies already in your home.  The first thing is to treat your lawn every 18-23 days; this deters them from hanging around your home.  You should also spray your pets with a pet-friendly repellant.  Lastly, you can protect yourself from mosquito bites by spraying yourself with a personal repellant.

Controlling Mosquitoes – Helpful Tips

The simplest and the most effective way of combating mosquitoes and staying safe from their bites is to treat your yard regularly with pesticides while protecting yourself by wearing a repellant.  Below other tips that can help you deter mosquitoes:

  • Regular treatment of your yard with Mr. Mosquito natural blend. This removes and repels mosquitoes.
  • Since their eggs are found in or around water, discard all stagnant water bodies around your home.
  • Keep your yard trimmed and clean – dirty environment encourages mosquito populations.
  • Always spray yourself and your pets with Mr. Mosquito natural blend before and after any outdoor activity.

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