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50 years of experience, natural botanicals, employee owned, and old fashioned customer service.

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Mr. Mosquito is the ultimate weapon against mosquitoes, fleas and ticks.

Mr. Mosquito. Parents, kids and pet approved.

Nassau and Suffolk Long Island are dense with beautiful greenery. A perfect place for families on Long Island to enjoy get togethers. But with this greenery comes moqsuitoes, fleas and ticks.

Our job at Mr. Mosquito is to make sure your kids and pets can play in the grass and be able to stay out at dusk without being chased in by biting insects. Contact us today like so many other satisfied Long Island home owners have.

Pro Mosquito Hunters
There is no reason to have to
suffer through mosquito season.

Fleas Don’t Just Like Dogs
Fleas will feed on any warm-blooded
creature, that includes you.

Ticks Hitch A Ride
Tick control and prevention is a
necessity for homeowners.

Mr. Mosquito is committed to managing populations of mosquitoes, fleas and ticks.
Why we are one of the top family owned and operated pest control companies on Long Island.

Bite back with natural control.
Our Green approach to pest control utilizes the newest methods and products on the market.​ It’s more than just mosquito, flea and tick repellant.

Mr. Mosquito has Long Island covered with:

• Mosquito Extermination
• Flea Extermination
• Tick Extermination
• Natural & Green Methods