You will find mites in almost every environment in the world.  So, it is understandable why these near-microscopic arachnids are sometimes lurking in your homes.  Mites are of different types: there are scavenging mites (e.g., dust mites), symbiotic mites, and parasitic mites (e.g., scabies, chiggers, rat mites, and bird mites).  Fortunately, most of the mites around are harmless to humans, and except in special cases, we hardly notice their presence.

Humans, however, are the targets of bird mites, chiggers, and rat mite, and when these mites bite, they cause skin irritation.  Dust mites are not known to bite, but they are not friendly either – they cause asthma complications and allergic reactions.  Mites can adversely affect dogs, cats, and horses, particularly the Demodex and scabies mites – the lead causes of the popular skin problem called mange.

Mites can infest your pets, yard, or any other part of your home.  However, you can keep them in check by applying the following tips:

Focus Areas

Mites are commonly restricted to the home and the pets, except the chiggers.  When indoors, the most effective way to combat mites is fogging.  Likewise, you should extend the treatment to every part of your home, because mites are almost invisible to the naked eye, so it is easy for them to hide in tight places. A pet-friendly pesticide and repellant will be enough to keep your pets safe.  In the case of outdoor mites, such as chiggers, it is best to treat the whole yard using a plant-friendly outdoor pesticide.  For personal safety during the treatments, ensure you put on a non-toxic personal repellant.

Controlling Mites – Helpful Tips

When it comes to controlling mites, the best option will depend on the peculiarities of your situation.  However, below are some general tips that can help you prevent and combat the usual mite issues:

  • Carry out an 18-23 day treatment of your whole yard using Mr. Mosquito natural blend – it kills and repels chiggers and other pests.
  • Mosquito natural blend will come handy if you need to prevent yourself from mite bites until you can control the situation.
  • Schedule an immediate vet appointment for your pet if you think they have mange.
  • Ensure that your pet bedding is frequently washed and treated with Mr. Mosquito natural blend – this keeps mites from infesting your pets and your home.
  • Ensure simple pet hygiene at all times; it keeps your pets safe.
  • If you suspect that other pets have mange, ensure that your animals do not move closer to them. Mange can be highly contagious at times.
  • Get rid of all surrounding bird nests and rodents – they are the most common sources of rat mites and bird mites. Lastly, seal off all possible entrances that mites may explore to enter your home.