About Us

We are an employee owned and operated business grown on Long lsland with a team of 50+ years experience. We firmly believe in the old fashioned Mom & Pop mentality.

  • Mr. Mosquito is an employee owned and operated company.  The same technician visits your property time after time so they have a vested interest in keeping you and your family happy.
  • Mr. Mosquito only utilizes the most modern equipment to apply our natural botanical granules and liquids with our proprietary formulation that is specific for Long Islands’ climate in treating biting insects.
  • Mr. Mosquito does not rely on a satellite to determine your property size or the problems that exist. We will send you a trained specialist that will meet with you to determine the root cause of your problems and then in turn implement the proper corrective action(s) inorder for your property to be maintained and serviced consistently.
  • 50 Years of experience, natural botanicals, employee owned, and old fashioned customer service.
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